Purple Met       Aqua w/thd         Red Lime           Neon Yellow        Real Red              Silver             Purple Non        White Non     Neon Green         Orange Met          Orange Non 
                                                                                                                                                                                                                   w/blk thd                                                                              Metallic

We still have a large quantity of the above popular colors remaining in inventory.

Tatum Ribbon has been providing our "Swiss Stretchy" tubular crin to designers, theatrical companies, retailers and creative individuals  for over 25 years.  Our crin has been sold extensively as a package gift wrap, marketed nationally by The Container Store and specialty boutiques, and for the creation of cyberlox hair falls. The crin's appeal is based on its resiliant, springy design characteristics. Our original crin is much more flexible and uniform in appearance that many of the similar products imported today.

The time, however, has come for Tatum Ribbon to make adjustments to our line and we will no longer be importing the Swiss Stretchy product. As a result we have decided to begin liquidation of our remaining inventory. The below photos show the colors for which we have over 100-10 yard bags available. The following two pages display all of our over 50 colors. We will periodically provide updates on availability through this site.   

The crin sells for $6.90 per 10 yard bag and is also available in 5 yard and 40 yard quantities. Two sizes are available: Large (3/4") and mini (3/8"). Since we are liquidating, significant discounts are availible for large orders. Please call or email to discuss your order; or download, complete and email our Excel Order Form. We take major credit cards and PayPal payment.